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With a time-honoured tradition of state-of-art infrastructure and compassionate care, Manasi Clinic has carved a significant footprint in Bangalore. Manasi Clinic has become synonymous with world class women care and child birth. Our focus on advancing the science of maternal and neonatal clinical care has remained steadfast over the years and has been equally evident by our efforts at Manasi Clinic to offer outstanding outpatient services.

We specialize in doing Normal deliveries for our patients. We believe that every guest deserves a unique treatment plan and we go to great lengths to nuture every relationship, old or new. Come, celebrate wellness at Manasi Clinic, in BTM layout Bangalore, consult the best gynecologist near you!

What are the Advantages of Normal Delivery?
Following are the advantages of Normal delivery: 1. Short hospital stay
2. Recovery time is less when compared with C-section
3. Fewer risks

What are the indications of Normal Delivery?
Normal delivery is indicated by our Gynecologist during the following conditions:
1. When the mother’s health condition supports the normal delivery
2. Optimal health condition of the unborn baby
3. Favourable position and size of the baby
4. If there are no signs of distress

Recovery Care for Normal Delivery:
1. After the delivery of the baby, placenta will remain in the uterus. It may take around 30 minutes to deliver the placenta.
2. You may experience some pressure as the placenta is being delivered.
3. Sometimes there may be chances of delivering the placenta incompletely. If this happens, your doctor may reach out to the uterus and remove it completely.
4. You may be asked to take rest after all these procedures.

Our team at Manasi Clinic will take care of the patient after the delivery i.e, Post Procedure care.

Best Maternity Care Hospital in Bangalore:
Your Pregnancy is a very special time for you and also your family. We at Manasi Clinic know that you want the best for your little one. We offer state-of-art facilities to ensure all of our patients are happy with their experience here at every stage from before they conceive till after they have given birth.

Our strengths are our dedicated team, doctors, and staff. We are happy to provide a holistic care for Normal delivery in Bangalore. Manasi Clinic is attached to one of the best gynecology hospitals in Bangalore. We are one of the topmost women’s healthcare clinics in BTM Layout providing the best gynecology services in Bangalore.


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