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Infertility / IUI / IVF Programming

Manasi Clinic is widely acclaimed as one of the best fertility centers in Bangalore for the treatment of infertility and reproductive problems. We at Manasi Clinic understand the sensitive nature of dealing with IVF patients and our specialists strive to provide the best support services for patients.

Complete evaluation of the couple done. Offer wide range of treatment options from natural fertile cycle monitoring to ovulation induction including tablets and injections,IUI and IVF programming and counseling. We are associated with the best IVF clinics that give highest pregnancy rates in the city.

Infertility Testing & Treatment in Bangalore
Infertility/Sub-fertility is a biological inability of a person to conceive or carry pregnancy to term. Infertility doesn’t have an effect on the physical health of a person however it seriously impacts the mental and social well-being of the affected couple. Infertility is associated with male factor in 30%, female factor in 30% and combined factors in the rest of the cases. Hence the couple needs to be evaluated together

Why Manasi Clinic?
We at Manasi Clinic partner with our patients as we understand that being supported and well-informed throughout are the best ways to achieve successful fertility treatments. We follow transparent and ethical practices that are founded on the basis of trust and mutual respect. We at Manasi foster environment where questions are encouraged. Our specialists work towards providing the best personalized packages for each patient.

Our Treatment and Procedures at Manasi Clinic
Infertility Workup- Our experts at Manasi Clinic pay close attention to the initial workup for the infertile couple as this provides them with the opportunity to properly assess and select the right type of fertility treatment for that specific couple. IUI Treatment- IUI i.e. Intra Uterine Insemination is used to separate out the most healthy sperms from the semen sample and these are later washed and placed into the women’s uterus during ovulation period.

IVF treatment- Fertilization in the lab is done to create a test tube baby. During IVF process, eggs are removed from the women’s ovaries and the fertilized with the partners sperm post which it is incubated in the IVF lab and later transferred to the womb under ultrasound guidance. The first successful IVF birth happened in 1978 and since then, medical advancement has made it one of the most successful options to overcoming infertility. Manasi Clinic’s department of IVF Programming & Fertility treatment is fully serviced fertility clinic with the latest fertility tools and technologies used for successful treatment.


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