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Family planning operations

What is Tubal Ligation in Women?
Permanent contraception is called sterilization.
A tubal ligation is a procedure to cut or clip the fallopian tubes.
A tubal ligation (also known as ‘having your tubes tied’) is a procedure to close both fallopian tubes which means that sperm can’t get to an egg to fertilise it.

How is a Tubal Ligation done?
The tubes are closed using rings or clips or by cutting and tying.

It is usually done by putting a tiny telescope called a laparoscope in through a small cut near the belly button and closing the tubes through another small cut near the pubic hair.

If a laparoscope can’t be used then a longer cut is made near the pubic hair.

Tubal ligations are done in hospital under General anesthesia. Depending on the type of operation it may be day surgery or may require a stay of one to two days in hospital.

How effective is Tubal Ligation?
The failure rate for tubal ligation is one in 200.

Is Tubal Ligation Reversible?
It is not always possible to reverse tubal ligation and the reversal procedure is not 100% effective. If you consider your decision carefully and do not feel pressured by anyone, you are unlikely to regret your choice.

Do I need to have consent from anyone?
It is recommended that you discuss sterilization fully with your partner. This is because you are both affected by the decision.

At Manasi Clinic we offer Day Care Surgeries in association with our affiliate Corporate Hospitals where the procedure is done with top most priority given to patient safety. Our affiliate Hospitals are NABH Certified and we use the latest Laparoscopy instruments under general anesthesia for a smooth operating and painless patient experience.


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