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High Risk Pregnancy

During pregnancy, our gynecologist will recommend that you take one or more tests to evaluate your pregnancy. This is to ensure that both your baby and you are in the best of health. Certain tests need to be taken by all women, whereas high risk pregnancies may require certain additional tests as recommended by the gynecologist. You can discuss this in detail with our experienced gynecologist at Manasi Clinic.

Any pregnancy where either the woman or her fetus or both are at potential risk of having health problems or adverse effects as compared to uncomplicated pregnancies are known to be High Risk Pregnancies. These women need specialized care of treatment to have healthy outcomes. The care will depend on the specific risk factor as well as general health of the women and fetus.

For high risk pregnancy treatment in Bangalore you can visit Manasi Clinic. We have one of the best Gynecology doctor especially trained to treat and take care of High risk pregnancies.

We check for maternal factors like age related complications, medical conditions associated with pregnancy, pre-existing medical disorders, past pregnancy history and relevant medical history of family. After that we will observe Life style factors, fetal factors, fetal growth problems, fetal structural abnormalities, fetal chromosomal problems, placental factors and other related factors.

Pregnancy is a long journey and can become complicated at any stage from the stage of being pregnant through 3 trimesters to even after delivery! Even though the pregnancy is labeled as High Risk, it does not mean that a healthy outcome is impossible. It is very important to identify and treat the women in an excellent High Risk Pregnancy unit that will provide total care.

Our strengths are our dedicated team of doctors, and staff. We are happy to provide a holistic care for High Risk Pregnancies in Bangalore. Manasi Clinic is one of the best gynecology clinics in BTM, Bangalore. We are one of the topmost women’s healthcare centres providing the best gynecology services in Bangalore.


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